DATE: 2014

INFO: Automatic Dispensing System of Liquid Chemicals.

CHEMI-X automatically dispenses chemical and auxiliaries liquid products to the dyeing machine of floor production through a stainless steel single-pipe and 3-ways valves. The distribution is feed by a powerful pump ensuring a flux of 30 litre per minute.

An innovative Electromagnetic Flow Measuring System is installed. Based on the Faraday's law of magnetic induction the flowmeter ensures an high dosage accuracy better than 1%.

The distribution pipe of CHEMI-X is constantly cleaned by water flux that removes any chemical residual. It also avoids any product contamination making the dosage safe and non-hazardous process.

CHEMI-X can be equipped on-demand with a system for the automatic refilling of the chemical tanks of the storage area. Moreover as optional an unit for manually collecting the chemical product can be added to the system. To avoid contaminating environment with toxic products CHEMI-X can host two safety-tanks made with an opportune slight inclination that facilitates the spillage of chemicals into the treatment sewage of factory.

  • Features
  • Technical Requirements
  • Documentation
  • automatic dispenser of liquid chemicals, conductible and mixable with water.
  • single-pipe distribution system made in stainless steeel equipped with high quality 3-ways valves.
  • innovative flux-meter based on inductive measurement to ensure high dosage accuracy.
  • full integration of the system with batch recipe management software like TinPro and third-party process control modules for dyeing and finishing mills.
  • full flexibility to accomodate both numbers of chemicals and dyeing machines.
  • optional unit for the automatic loading of chemicals into storage tanks.
  • optional unit for the manaul collection of chemnicals.

Environmental Condition

  • We highly recommend to utilise chemicals and auxiliaries mixable with water and with electrical conductivity not lesser than 5 microS/cm. Demineralized water with minimal conductivity of 20 microS/cm.
  • We highly recommend to install the dispensing cabinet near the stocking area of chemicals tanks that should be located at 1.5 m above the ground.

POwer supply

  • 380 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15A, 4 poles: 3 phases + neutral. In case of frequent electrical disturbance (interruption of main electrical supply and/or voltage spikes) the installation of an UPS unit is highly recommended.
  • We highly recommend to install an independent earth line of power supply to efficienly disperse the electromagnetic disturbances.


  • 1.5-2 bar. The dispensing system is equipped with a 2-ways valve for cleaning the main distrubition pipe with water. A water's conductivity of at least 20 microS/cm is highly recommended.

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